Cohort 52 is a platform for emerging voices from the Applied Art & Design program at Sierra College in Northern California. Cohort 52 is facilitated by Assistant Professor Vincent Pacheco.

Jordann Klein

Jordann Klein

“I found a lot about myself through nature, art, and travel. I noticed that those were the images I was attracted to.



Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

My name is Jordann Klein and I grew up in the Bay Area. After high school, I got my degree in Psychology from Chico State in hopes of becoming a Forensic Psychologist. I realized that I could not handle the day to day tasks without compromising my own well-being. When I started to look towards a new career path and never thought about art until I came across Graphic Design. I have been doing art my whole life, but never digitally so I knew I would need to go back to school. I am loving everything I am learning so far and I can’t wait to use my new skills to help organizations spread their message and help educate others.



How much experience do you have with collage?

I have a little bit of experience with collage. I mostly created them in organizations I was in throughout my life like the Girl Scouts or my Sorority to reflect back on what we did in the past year.


Collage artists tend to be picky when it comes to their source material. Can you talk about your approach for selecting your images and/or publications?

I got my source material from 8 different magazines that span across a variety of categories. The publications I used were TheHomeMag, Better Homes and Gardens, National Geographic, USA Lacrosse Magazine, art ltd., People, The Packers, and Virtuoso the Magazine. I thought these magazines would provide a wide range of imagery to choose from.


Were there any large themes you intended to explore or unpack before you began with this series of work? Did you stay on theme, or did things change as you began physically cutting and pasting images?

Since I got magazines on a wide variety of topics. I first approach this project by trying to find images and elements that represent my lived experience in that specific category. Once I cut out all the images and elements that spoke to me, I went to work and the three big themes emerged: nature, travel and art with a few oddballs.


How did your background and life experiences inform your collages?

When I think of my life experience, I think of ways I have grown and how I have grown which really influenced my collages. I found a lot about myself through nature, art, and travel. I noticed that those were the images I was attracted to.


What was your environment and set-up like when making the work? Did you listen to music? Did you work in isolation, or were you surrounded by distraction? Do you think this influenced the work you made?

I was alone in my room with the tv on in the background. I had my laptop and monitor on my desk with the piece of mix paper I was working with at the time with the set images I was planning on pasting. I do not have a large working space at home so I use my bed to place extra material while I work. Due to this, once I got the elements and images I wanted cut out, I was “restricted” to those elements because I did not see the possible different ones unless I really got stuck.


Scissors or X-Acto?



Was there anything unexpected that emerged while creating your work? Any new epiphanies?

I wouldn’t say there were any new epiphanies, but more recognizing what in my life is truly important to me and my growth.


Looking at your work again, has your understanding of your collages changed over time? Has any hidden meaning emerged?

When we first presented our zines, I was focused on how the collages spoke to me and my story. When we did the second phase of our project, I was able to see all the messages that could speak to others as well like the ones titled “Find Yourself” and “Go Travel”, they can have universal meaning while also personal to me.


Many artists are using the pandemic as a moment to pause and reflect. Do you think Covid-19 informed your work in any way? 

I honestly do not think the Covid ear influenced or informed my work. I believe what influenced me was all the self-work I have been doing lately with therapy, getting out more, etc.